Course Selection: University of California’s A-G Requirements

A great guide to high school course selection for college application is University of California’s A-G Requirement:

(a) History/social science – Two years, including one year of world history, cultures and historical geography and one year of U.S. history, or one-half year of U.S. history and one-half year of  American government or civics.

(b) English – Four years of college preparatory English that integrates reading of classic and modern literature, frequent and regular writing, and practice listening and speaking.

(c) Mathematics – Three years of college-preparatory mathematics that include or integrate the topics covered in elementary and advanced algebra and two- and three-dimensional geometry.

(d) Laboratory science – Two years of laboratory science providing fundamental knowledge in at least two of the three disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.

(e) Language other than English – Two years of the same language other than English or equivalent to the second-level of high school instruction.  

(f) Visual and performing arts – One year chosen from dance, drama/theater, music or visual art.

(g) College-preparatory elective – One year chosen from the “a-f” courses beyond those used to satisfy the requirements above, or courses that have been approved solely in the elective area.

Whether you’ve decided on going to college or not, the a-g is a good guide for high school course selection.  That way, you won’t find yourself ineligible for application during your senior year.

Please visit the University of California’s A-G Requirement page above for more detailed information.