Legos and Other Construction Toys

We are a Lego house.  95%+ of our toy spending goes to Legos.  I love Legos because if your kid no longer plays with a certain creation, you can tear it apart and build something else.  They are expensive but if you consider the durability and reusability of Legos, they are perhaps the most economic toys out there.

I find construction toys such as Legos promote creativity in ways other static toys cannot do.  My son builds strange-looking creations for his Star Wars battles.  Yet when you ask him why certain things are the way he designed them, sometimes you get very surprising answers that actually make sense.

I’m trying to introduce him to the WeDo system where we build simple machines that can be either standalone units or controlled by a computer through the Scratch programming language.  As I get more experience, I’ll post them here.  I hope to brainwash him into an engineer, or at least get him interested in STEM.