Mission & Vision

Achieve Goals is a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to advancing the socioeconomic opportunities of children and adults through its various educational and related initiatives, programs, and awareness campaigns.  It will identify the gaps in the current offerings of public and non-profit programs and the causes of the lack of appropriate services, and then address these issues in a sustainable manner with the support of like-minded organizations and individuals.

GOALS (Greater Opportunities through Accelerated Learning & Support) summarizes our ideals in one word.

Initially, we will focus on providing information for

– improving the academic performance of K-12 students,

– college preparation and application for high school students, and

– educational advice for parents of K-12 students.

But as you can see from our menu, we want to also promote

– career skills,

– life skills,

– non-athletic lessons from sports, and

– fine and performing arts.

To help our children become better citizens, we feel they need to have a broader perspective.  We will publish information about various socioeconomic issues for them to learn about the real world.

To help children all over the world, we will also bring attention to the obstacles that hinder their pursuit of education.  That could range from daily necessities such as food and shelter to health issues such as vision correction.  Also we will publish information for organizations to help build infrastructure such as computer labs and wide-area wireless networks to promote learning in third-world countries.

It is our hope that, with sufficient financial resources, we can serve the mankind besides providing information.  We want to create new, free-to-use curricula for teachers, parents, and self-motivated students to use.  We want to introduce all children to the basics of fine and performing arts.  We want to give students tools they need to succeed in school, such as computers and software.  We want to provide corrective eyewear to third-world countries so their children and adults can learn to read and live productive lives.  We want to enable all who share our vision to do what they can to change the world.

These are ambitious goals we have set for ourselves.  If you like what you see, please join us and be part of the movement.  Help us Achieve our and your Goals.