Pattern Recognition

Seeing patterns in different things is a skill that can be trained.  It’s a critical part of analytical skills that schools tend not to teach.  I have not seen many formal curricula on this either because it’s not emphasized in schools, but this is often used as a measurement tool of one’s intelligence.  Tests like CogAT and NNAT put a lot of emphasis on this and therefore those tests are good practices for pattern recognition.  You can buy those test practice books and let your kid do the tests, and then go through each and every question with your kid regardless of whether he gets it right or not.  Sometimes they pick the right answer with their “gut feeling” and still do not fully understand why.  This “gut feeling” may be the result of their subconscious intelligence at work.  It’s very important for that subconscious intelligence to be brought to the forefront and work with the conscious mind.  

A lot of times, you can discover foolproof guidelines to solve similar programs almost in a systematic fashion.  That’s great, but do recognize that in real life, this is not generally the case.  Still, developing this skill of organizing and solving problems is extremely valuable.


     – lots of tests

     – Books on NNAT and CogAT