Post-Application: The Rest of the Senior Year

Don’t let senioritis get to you!  There are still many crucial things you need to do after you complete the college and financial aid applications.

First of all, your senior year grades do matter.  Most schools will get your fall semester grades before they make the final decision.  Schools also have the right to rescind their admissions offer if you do poorly in your spring semester.  If you promise to take many AP exams but end up not taking any, it could be seen as falsifying information on your application.   Although I’ve never heard of anyone’s admissions offer being rescinded because of these issues, I know that some schools state that possibility in their admissions package.

Secondly, once your college choice is set, it’s time for real research into the school, its programs, classes, and professors.  One good place to start is the school’s official website or other unofficial websites.  For instance, Harvard’s student-run Hugs for THUGS (THUGS = The Harvard Underground Guide to Success) and Surviving Harvard have great information that you’ll never find in the official school website.

Generally schools have parties or events for incoming students.  You should go just to meet your future schoolmates, upperclassmen, and some alumni.  It was at one of these events that an upperclassman told me about how computer science students don’t get much sleep, and that helped convinced me to choose another major.