Showcasing Your Talents

If you have some unique talents, show it off!  The top schools are not only looking for students who can do well.  There are more than enough such students to choose from.  Instead, they are looking for students who can do well, contribute to the campus life, and succeed in life.  They want their schools to have the most interesting talents.

Zinch is one website claims to help you showcase your talents and connect you with schools.  I don’t know anyone personally that have done this, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to try it.

Always have a webpage showcasing your work, such as:

     – YouTube links to your recital, etc.

     – Photos of your work if appropriate.  Block out anything that may lead to identity theft.

     – Websites you build for yourself and/or others, both for profit or as volunteer work.  DotEasy, which I use for this website, is pretty cheap – $15 for your own domain name plus $1.95/month hosting.  You only need this for a year, and so don’t pay for multiple years unless you really want to keep the domain name.  Or you can just create a new FaceBook page.