The Very First Thing

Make friends!!!  Especially someone who is local to the college neighborhood.  You need to learn a lot of things very quickly:

     – Transit information – you most likely won’t have a car for the next four years

     – Shopping venues – where to go to get good deals, find the stuff you need, etc.

     – What to wear for winter – if you are going to a snowy location, don’t buy winter stuff until you know what really works in your college neighborhood

     – Church – If you are a person of faith, find a church or equivalent institution so you can be supported spiritually.  Also adults have resources that you may need once in a while, such as a car to pick up large furniture

Good places to get friends, besides those in your dorm, are the extracurricular groups on campus.  Those upperclassmen are eager to know and help you.  So join one of interest to you at the extracurricular activity fair or contact them via e-mail before you even arrive at your new home.